Japanese Wedding Photography Experience


Get the chance to be dressed with Traditional Kimonos made of Kinsai Yuzen by the famous Japan Traditional Craftman, Mitsumasa Wada Sensei. Each kimono is made with 24k gold and easily cost at least 1 million JPY (Around 12,600 SGD) each.

Dresses by International Fashion Designer, Yumi Katsura Sensei are also available for choosing.

More examples of the Kimonos can be viewed here.


Kimono Studio – Hanayome Japan! WABIKO JAPAN

WABIKO JAPAN was established in 1979 and founded by Kazumi Watanabe Sensei, who has more than 40 years experience in the Bridal industry. Not only is she certified with Level 1 qualification from the All Japan Kimono Dressing Skill Center, she is also a recognised Wedding Producer certified by All Japan Bridal Association founded by the world renowned, Yumi Katsura Designer.

International Hair & Makeup Artist – Imoto Yuko

Yuko has more than 6 years experience as a professional hair & makeup artist that does not only for individuals but also commercial projects such as fashion show and musical. Yuko speaks English and holds makeup demonstration and one-to-one classes in Singapore on a yearly basis.

International Camera Crew

WABIKO JAPAN works with a pool of International Camera Crew that works on both Private and Commercial projects in both Japan and out of Japan


1. Traditional Japanese Gardens (Most Recommended!)

Get the FULL Japanese Look with your photos taken at Traditional Japanese Gardens which require prior booking for Bridal Photography

Some Traditional Japanese Gardens available under the package without additional charges are 友泉亭 (Yusentei), 松風園 (Shofuen), 楽水園 (Rakusuien)

2. Japanese Shrines & Temples

3. Seaside/ Gardens

Some of the parks and seaside included in the package without additional charges are 百道浜 (Momochihama Beach),
小戸公園 (Odo Park)

4. Indoor Studio


Basic Package:

1 set of Kimono (Male & Female) + 1 Location + Photo Data

=> S$2400

Premium Package A:

1 set of Kimono (Male & Female) + 1 set of Dress and Tuxedo + 1 Location + Photo Data

=> S$3000

Premium Package B:

2 sets of Kimono (Male & Female) + 1 Location + Photo Data

=> S$3000

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