Seminar Contest Singapore 2019

Front Row: 7 Finalists and Main Organiser from Japan Personal Brand Association
Second Row and behind: Event Volunteers
Seminar Contest, originating from Japan with more than 10 years of history, is a yearly Seminar Contest for aspiring Seminar Lecturers to exhibit their know-how. On 28th September 2019, Seminar Contest came back to Singapore for the Second Time!

Seven Japanese Finalists who have gone through a series of competition each presented for 10 minutes on their Profession, Speciality or Passion. 52 audience participated in the evaluation of their presentation base on the prefixed point system. All presentations were held in English.
The 7 finalists presented on the following topics. (In sequence of the lots drawn on the day of the contest)

Yoshi Kitabata/ Talent Profiler
The Secret of finding your own Talent

Ryuichi Arai/ Complement Instructor
How to Motivate Difficult Students

Ichiro Fujita/ System Engineer & English Teacher
Three Simple Methods to understand complex English Sentences correctly

Yuki Miyakita/ Lecturer at Speech to affect a Heart
Communication Methods to Develop Trust

Chie Nishikawa/ Marriage Hunting Supporter
Communicating to win a young man’s heart

Yuko Fujiwara/ Home Organisation Consultant
Adapt to the changing society! how to organize things that develop your children’s ability to choose

Sali Ikuta/ Bilingual MC, Communication Consultant
Opening Hearts at the First Encounter

Commentators from left: Ms. Siri Leksuwat from Thailand, Mr. Gen Kayaba and Mr. Yoshinori Washizu

We are honored to have the above 3 professionals to grace our event as Commentators. This is also the second year that Ms. Siri flew in all the way from Thailand for Seminar Contest Singapore.

From Left: Ms. Sali Ikuta, Mr. Ryuichi Arai, Ms. Yuko Fujiwara

Congratulation to Mr. Ryuichi Arai, Ms. Yuko Fujiwara and Ms. Sali Ikuta for winning the First, Second and Third Place respectively.

Thank you all for coming and we look forward to seeing you and your friends next year for Seminar Contest Singapore 2020.

Seminar Contest Singapore 2020 will be opened for registration in January 2020. To register your interest, please contact us via